Jul 30



I am going away hopefully in a couple days and have been trying to contact my healthcare at home team who provide my Humira and have always said they will sort out a medical cooling travel bag if patients need this. I have been told today, when theyve finally come back to me, that they dont do this service anymore. I need a specific 2 - 8 degrees bag I was told, and looking online they cost £50!! Does anyone know where I can get this for a reasonable price or borrow it?! 😣


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Humira can be kept at room temperature (less than 25C) for 14 days or less. To ensure it stays under 25C you can use a Frio cooling wallet which you can order online fairly cheap. I travel with my injections a lot and that's always worked fine for me!

Jul 30

Thank you very much Jess. Im away for more than two weeks which is why they said theyll need to be refrigerated again when I get there. And going to a hot country I was a little worried I needed the specific bag they said 😣. Really appreciate your time. I will look into the Frio cooling wallet now 👍🏼

@🇲🇦 Ah, I've never been sure on what to do for trips longer than 2 weeks - all mine have been short. Sorry I can't be more help, best of luck and happy holidays!

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  • Very happy there is finally a platform where I can talk and question, Crohn issues I experience that others like myself will understand and relate to! My question is related to crohn complications Im experiencing lately and whether anyone has any knowledge or experienced this themselves. The past couple of months, whenever I have a bowel movement, another few trips to the toilet straight after are bound to happen. Its almost a given; I could not use the toilet all day and then when I do Ill be in and out a handful of times (which is a blessing still compared to how bad Ive had it before). However, with these trips to the restroom, Id then experience numbing pain that just intensifies with time, all around my pelvic region and thighs. It becomes really difficult to walk, stand and I cant sleep until I turn to pain killers, hot water bottles, hot bath etc. (you know the drill). Ive been for blood tests and my inflammation levels are fine. Ive also had a sigmoidoscopy and nothing new has come up. So as far as my Crohn’s team are concerned, my results have come back okay and that is that. But Im still experiencing this daily! I would love some advise or insight, if anyone has experienced this before or has any idea what could be the cause; I really appreciate your time. Thank you ☺️

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